About MoneyKare Wealth

Money Kare Wealth is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.  Money Kare was established in 1993 and promoted by Srinivasan Sundararaman who has a rich experience in the Mutual Fund Industry. The objective of Money Kare is to give a smarter way to invest one’s money. Each of us look for a relationship when we manage our money. So, we are sure you too are looking for someone with whom you could discuss your ambitions for tomorrow, the next year and every year of the next 25 years or even 50 years thereafter; someone who would understand your aspirations and help make them a reality.     We aim to be that someone.

The pillars of our business are ethics & competence. We believe that the client’s interest comes foremost, and we stand with him in all matters related to personal finance. Therefore his trust is sacrosanct to us and we ensure that our guidance is always unbiased, impartial and objective. We also believe that there is no substitute for knowledge and so we are thus committed to a path of learning and constant up gradation of our skills; so as to deliver the best in terms of products and services to our clients.

We firmly believe that the ‘Financial Services’ route is the way forward in advising our clients on all financial matters. We offer investing basics to guidance and implementation. The benefits of saving regularly, how to set a savings goal and prioritizing what you save for.


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